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Korchma Rodyna

The menu of the Korchma Rodyna Restaurant offers a wide variety of national dishes of Ukrainian cuisine: self-made pickles, cabbage rolls with meat and rice - gólubtsi, borsch, salo, varenyky and deruny.

Traditional dishes from different regions of Ukraine are prepared with special respect for the old and new customs of the Ukrainian people.

The use of many components and the combination of various thermal cooking systems guarantee the excellent taste, aroma and juiciness of the dishes of Ukrainian cuisine.

We are open from 1:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. from Tuesday to Sunday

Our phone number: +34 934 274 306

We are waiting for you at Carrer de Muntaner, 443-445, 08021 Barcelona

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Комплексні обіди, сніданки та вечеря

Lunch, Breakfast, Dinner Menu

In a quiet and relaxing environment you can enjoy Ukrainian cuisine with our Lunch Menu from Tuesday to Friday from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. or our special Dinner Menu from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Reserve a table via our website or call us at: +34 934 274 306.

If you do not have enough time to visit us, you can request your Lunch or Dinner Menu on our website. Delivery is free throughout Barcelona.

You will find all the detailed information on the BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER page.



Restaurant Menu Pack Korchma Rodyna is an ideal alternative for those days when there is no time to cook, or you want the table to be organized by specialists, or your friends are already at the door, or you just want to stay at home and savor a delicious restaurant-level dinner.

We prepare a wide selection of dishes for all tastes and for any number of people, from 2 to 250 dishes in one reservation. You just have to look at our pack menus or plan a personalized menu and get in touch with the restaurant manager.

Detailed information by phone: +34 934 274 306

On the Catering page you will find information on menu variations.

Orders are accepted on weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00

Delivery area - Barcelona

Terms of payment: prepayment online to a bank card or in cash - if you pick it up at the restaurant.


Business Lunch for companies and offices

For companies and offices, our restaurant Korchma Rodyna offers a closed Business Lunch menu, where everyone can find exactly those dishes that meet their needs and tastes.

You have the opportunity to create an individual menu for the whole week for your company or order dishes from our list.

To receive the Business Lunch delivery on time, you must request it in advance on our website or contact our manager by phone: +34 934 274 306

Detailed information on the Business Lunch + Catering page

Дитяче меню

Children's Menu and Catering

Would you like to order catering for a children's party with delivery to the party room or park? Restaurant Korchma Rodyna knows what your children like: mini-burgers and sandwiches, salads and canapes, desserts.

The dishes prepared by Korchma Rodyna are rich and healthy. We always choose fresh and natural products for our little clients.

The funny and personalized boxes will give a touch of solemnity to your event.

In addition, the Korchma Rodyna Restaurant has prepared a home delivery option for the Children's Menu, which you can find on the Children's Menu and Catering page

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Reservations will be canceled 15 minutes after the agreed time. Please call us at +34 934 274 306 if you are late.

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  • Ukrainian borsch is "an integral part of Ukrainian family and everyday life." This dish is part of the Ukrainian culture. A number of local festivals and holidays are dedicated to borsch, which are held every year in different cities of Ukraine. The variety of ingredients and methods of cooking borsch offers an unlimited number of recipes, each of which is unique.

    Ukrainian Borsch

  • Gólubtsi, a dish consisting of minced meat mixed with rice or grits wrapped in a cabbage leaf, has a difficult and confusing history, with many countries appropriating its origin. Usually “gólubtsi” were an everyday dish, but in some regions on the right bank of the Dnipro River they were traditionally served at the festive table.


  • The shape of varényk resembles a crescent. It is a national Ukrainian dish that is just as popular and important as borsch. Varényky are made of dough and filled with meat, potatoes, mushrooms, vegetables, fruits, cheese, etc. Varenyky have been known since the time of Kyiv Rus, although they were called “pyroguy” back then.


  • The "salo" and garlic are very important protagonists of the Ukrainian table. Thinly sliced salo on garlic-rubbed rye bread is a traditional appetizer. Salo has been eaten in Ukraine since the 16th century, as food carried by the Kozaks during their expeditions, or while working in the fields. In Ukraine it is a treasure and, in fact, that is how it is known: “The Ukrainian treasure”. There is a good number of songs, mostly comic, whose main theme is this food.


  • A traditional dish of Ukrainian cuisine and some other Slavic cuisines, made with homemade cheese. Homemade cheese pancakes are usually served with sour cream and powdered sugar. Honey, jams and fruits are also very common to accompany syrnyky. Since the ingredients for syrnyky are traditional for Ukrainian cuisine, the dish can be considered quite old.



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Ukrainian cuisine is country cuisine known for its delicious flavors and generous ways of serving diners. It is our culture and the lifestyle of an entire country.

Since ancient times, Ukrainian cuisine has been famous for a variety of dishes with high palatability. They were created based on the rich variety of products used, various combinations and the use of various cooking methods.

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